BBOO Charcoal

Ignite in 3 seconds
Long burning duration
Steady High Temperature Flameless Grill
Eco-Friendly Disposal

Grab a Barbecue Set and Grill with mates

Based in Melbourne, we are a proud Australian company with 30 years of expertise in the bamboo industry, making us one of the largest suppliers of bamboo charcoal in the country. Our commitment extends beyond providing high-quality Camping BBQ and Charcoal BBQ solutions; we are dedicated to enhancing your outdoor cooking experiences with a focus on environmental sustainability and exceptional culinary outcomes. Our premium bamboo charcoal is a favored choice in many of Australia’s renowned restaurants, celebrated for its quick ignition, prolonged burn, and authentic smoky flavor. We've made barbecue easy for you and your family! Whether you are going Camping, BBQ in the back yard, having party by the pool. Our Grill Set is made to cater for all occasions.

Choose us for an unparalleled grilling experience that only our exclusive bamboo charcoal can offer. As the sole provider in Australia, we guarantee a product that not only ignites effortlessly but also maintains high temperatures essential for perfect grilling. Our bamboo charcoal stands out for its:

Effortless Ignition: Light your grill quickly and easily, no fuss, no wait.

Sustained High Heat: Enjoy consistent high temperatures up to 650 – 700°C, ideal for achieving that perfect sear and thoroughly cooked meals.

Unmatched Quality: Available exclusively through us, ensuring you receive a uniquely superior product not found anywhere else in Australia.

Opt for our products and experience the difference with Australia's only bamboo charcoal that combines convenience, efficiency, and exceptional grilling performance. Perfect for grilling enthusiasts who value quality and uniqueness in their outdoor cooking adventures. Choose excellence. Choose us for your next grilling endeavor.

Portable Bamboo Charcoal

Family Box Set

Caters for Family Feast of 6 -10 people

Portable Bamboo Charcoal

Camping Set

Pack in your camping bag, It's READY to go

Portable Bamboo Charcoal

MEGA Party Set

All SET to cater for party of 10 - 25 people